Employee analytics and surveys for people and business growth

Measure, understand, monitor, and continuously develop business and people—addressing leadership, productivity, and engagement challenges/goals through times of change—with the Kiva Work employee analytics platform.

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How does it work?

Ready to use in 1 day

1. Create survey

Create automated, pulse, or discovery surveys—customize entirely or leverage our vast question bank, the largest in the market, and ready-made templates.

2. Access Real-Time Results

You'll get results pre-processed with actionable recommendations. Reporting to chosen individuals is automated.

3. Review results & develop

Now that you know how to develop the required areas, you can start implementing data-driven development measures and automatically monitor their impact.

Most Used Features in Kiva Work

Scalable analytics

Data can be sourced from all levels of your organization, including countries, departments, teams, managers, and individual employees.
Our analytics scale to meet your requirements.

Employee level analytics & HR Desk

Kiva Work generates an anonymous profile report and provides a life cycle trend view of each employee. Kiva Work's HR Desk enables you to contact and chat with your employees completely anonymously.

Automated and shared reporting

Utilize Kiva Work's automated manager reports or craft custom ones to send to managers.


Development map

Kiva Work automatically analyzes results using a development map, categorizing topic areas into: 'Investigate,' 'Monitor,' and 'Celebrate.'

AI-backed text analysis

Kiva Work automatically analyzes and visualizes anonymous feedback, using artificial intelligence, categorizing it into clear categories, all the way down to the team level.

Automated survey path

You can create automated survey paths that cover the entire organization or even just a specific team. This feature allows you to build surveys for a longer period of time at once, ensuring more continuous monitoring.

Multi-channel & multilingual

Utilize our multi-channel approach when sending surveys via Teams, Slack, SMS, sharable links or email. Surveys can also be conducted in multiple languages.

Market leading question bank

Select from hundreds of of ready-made questions and packages developed with HR organizations for various purposes, or create your own.

Connect to your HR system

We seamlessly integrate with popular HR systems like Sympa, Workday, Visma Public, SAP SuccessFactors, Nepton, Likeit, and Mepco.


Manager views

Versatile access rights, alerts, and automations ensure shared responsibilities, minimizing manual work within your organization.

Connect financial metrics

Merge financial metrics and employee analytics for deeper insights into how workplace well-being and satisfaction affect profitability.

Performance tracking & benchmarking

Compare development across locations, teams, and supervisors, easily tracking progress on key topics.

Task management

With Kiva Work Task Management, you can translate results into tangible, practical measures in collaboration with supervisors and management. Create and assign tasks to supervisors and teams, monitoring their progress in alignment with organizational goals.

We'll ensure your success!

Dedicated customer success manager

Your dedicated customer manager will assist in building each survey, review the results with you, and help guide development forward.

Ready to use concepts

A ready-made operating model ensures you can turn guiding data into concrete action and value.

Annual plan

An annual survey and analytics plan align survey paths with organizational goals or address key challenges.

Interested in learning more about our solution?

Guide for constructive conversations
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Explore our comprehensive and practical guide on leveraging the results of the employee survey in your company. 

In the guide, we provide detailed explanations on aspects such as interpreting the results, translating them into concrete development measures, and reporting on the progress of these measures.

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