Employee experience as a strategic competitive advantage
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Learning as part of well-being at work
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Capability is one of three psychological needs that can affect employee well-being and workplace retention. In a self-directed working life, a sense of control is important, with a strong emphasis on personal competence and learning. Come to our online event to learn more.

The use of employee analytics has been growing strongly in recent years and a significant proportion of operators use them in their daily work. However, there is a wide variation in the way employee surveys and analytics are interpreted, with many companies tending to focus on less relevant issues.

A team of competent and committed employees helps your company grow and is a competitive advantage. On the other hand, a weakly engaged and perhaps poorly performing team can quickly take your business towards the other direction.

All aspects of the business are interlinked with the staff and the teams are interlinked with each other. This is self-evident and it should therefore also be clear that employee satisfaction is a matter for management, even if HR is responsible for introducing surveys to the operations.

Employee surveys Employee surveys help companies to identify and understand employee needs, development needs and trends, and to anticipate potential risks. A completed employee survey allows a company to examine tarkastella the needs of its employees accurately and in a pre-segmented way.

Identify the most potential opportunities for growth and additional sales, and the areas where your customers are dissatisfied. Read the TOP 7 uses of customer surveys and customer analytics.

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